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Alya Galapagos Catamaran - technical specifications

Category: Luxury Class
Year: 2017
Type: Motor Catamaran
Length: 103.34 ft (31,50m)
Beam: 41.01 ft (12,50m)
Engines:2 Cummings engines 350HP
Max speed: 12 knots
Electric Power: 110V and 220V
Life jackets: 35
Lifebuoys 9mm: 4
Safety: Flare gun, smoke signals, SOS flashlights and other type of visual signals, 2 survival rafts of 25 passengers each, fire stinguishers of 10 and 12 pounds, fire hoses 15m, fire detectors and complete fire protection system

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Alya Galapagos Catamaran

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