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Galapagos Petrel Cruise

We are a licensed Galapagos tour operator based in Ecuador with years of experience taking travel visitors to "the Galapagos Islands" while enjoying of a comfortable luxury motor catamaran, excellent naturalist guide and crew.

Galapagos Petrel Catamaran is the best boat for discovering the Galapagos islands, two hauls ship, better stability, smoot and faster than a traditional Motor Yacht, she always arrives earlier to our visitor sites than M/Yachts and bigger boats. Experience the Galapagos islands in its fullest with our Petrel M/C.

100% locally owned Galapagos tour operator with experienced people ready to answer all your Galapagos cruise enquiries. We are here to help you to design your fabulous Galapagos Vacations.

Galapagos Luxury Cruises - Petrel M/C

galapagos petrel catamaran

Friday Arrival to Baltra airport. North Seymour, Isabela (Vicente Roca point), Fernandina, Isabela, Santa Cruz, South Plaza, Santa Fe, San Cristobal. Wednesday to Baltra airport. .


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Galapagos Petrel Catamaran

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